Nicholas A. LeVack

A freelance writer, looking to make his break into the literary market.

What is this website?

    This website promotes the young freelance author, me, Nicholas Alexander LeVack. I am fifteen-years-old, and I have been writing avidly over the past few years. I have already written the first installment of a book series I intend on having published, and also wrote the beginning of the second installment. I intend for there to be seven books in all, but my intentions might change over the years to come.

    There are several parts to my website, all of which are open to the public. One of them is my Sample Pieces section, in which you can find many stories or other pieces of literature I have written. All of them are open for offers, and to make an offer please refer to the bottom of the page.

    One of the other sections is my Promotions page. There, you can see some of my own promotions of articles I have written and had published on various websites, along with the promotions of websites I either find interest in or agree to promote so long as they promote my website, in return. If you are interested in making the same deal, please refer to the information on the bottom of the page.

    The last page, for now, is My Blog. There you can read my thoughts on whatever matters might come to mind. If you have any thoughts on my entries, feel free to make your comments there. Please keep comments about my blog exclusively on the entry, as I do not want my email flooded with emails.

    There are some pages I might add over time, but for now this will be it. I will update this page with new pieces and new blog entries whenever I might have free time. Remember: if you're interested in anything you find on this website, please refer to the contact information listed below.

    If you have a question, wish to forge a partnership in mutual promotion, or want to request my services, then drop me a message at:

- Nicholas A. LeVack